Should I know the price?

For some reasons developers are often not aware of the total costs of the solution, they've been working on for the last months. Usually the path is pretty simple:

Develop > Test > Deploy > Repeat

There's hardly any feedback regarding optimizations, which are not hard performance improvements. While before cloud era saving were not so obvious(you allocated a particular amount of money anyway to buy your servers), now all looks a bit different.

I, as a developer, am able to easily predict and calculate expected cost of a solution I'm making. I have detailed pricings, I can prepare and test a POC I was asked for. I don't have to deploy anything to physical machines and you - as my company - won't buy devices and technologies, which may not meet our requirements. So the questions is:

Should I care?

Nah, it's a silly question - of course I should. But to be honest - nobody asks. While it's deployed to a production slot, I cannot control it. In most cases I don't have sufficient permissions to be able to control the overal cost. And you know what? That's perfectly fine, it's not my responsibility. 

On the other hand nobody will ask for an improvement unless we're hitting the limit. We can afford spending 10000 USD monthly for this solution and it costs us 9999,99 USD? That's superb. We could pay half of this price?! Well, nobody told us so...

...and nobody asked.

The point is - if there's room for improvement, do it. This is especially true in the cloud environment - you can save 5ms in one place? Save it! Cloud is all about computation power and time. Whenever you improve an algorithm, you save both power and time. By saving both you're saving money. That's what makes you a professional.


Working in The Best Place to Work!

This is a non-technical post regarding being a member of a great community - Demant Technology Centre, the company I work in, has been recently awarded the 1st place in a Great Place to Work competition. If you're interested in what is like to work with us, read the whole post and get the picture :)

Our culture

We're R&D. That means, we're researching the best solutions and really care when implementing them. There's no place for imperfection and half-measures. This is a big advantage of DTC over other companies - you always have time to prepare a few concepts to present and discuss them. You can use whatever tools you like - what matters is the result.

What is more, we really like to empower people working here. In fact DTC is the first company, where I really feel that everyone trusts, that I really know what I'm doing and respects my choices. This is really inspiring and helps in my daily work.

Our workplace

We have a completely open work space - you'll see no closed boxes or separated teams. Everyone works really hard to make sure that other people feels comfortable. Additionally we have different "quiet zones", where you can go anytime and just relax(or take your laptop and focus even more on your tasks). 

The best thing is that though we're doing some really serious projects(medical devices are not something you can trifle with), we still are able to introduce a fun factor to our daily work - e.g. each team had a possibility to invent a name for itself and project a logo. Now in each team zone we have big flags representing a team working there.

Our people

In DTC you will find no random people, each one is the expert in his or her domain. Developers, HRs, QAs, BAs and other positions are occupied by people, who enjoy their work and make the whole site unique. 

You like board games? We meet each week in the evening to play. You like sport? For sure you'll find someone who would like to go and play with you. Would you like to find someone to talk about chemistry? Come to us!

The last but not least - we're recruiting! Waste no more time - just send a CV and start your journey in the best place to work in Poland :)

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